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The GATE Parents Group sponsors college essay workshops, typically twice a year: Summer and Fall. This class is designed for current high school juniors and seniors; the summer session is designed for students that will be seniors in the fall. The class focuses on the University of California Personal Statement and Common Application essay topics.

The goal of this workshop is to lead students on a path of understanding what they need to write about and how to write the essay. This workshop is not designed for students to complete a final draft of their essays.

The instructor will review academic transcripts, test scores and student resume in conjunction with the students' intended college and major selections. (The students will need to provide the data by the first small group meeting.) Students will receive comments and feedback on two essays drafts during the One-on-One sessions.

This workshop is taught by teachers in the SMUHSD. The class is targeted at motivated students. The workshop is open to GATE and non-GATE students alike.

Students recognized as GATE by the SMUHSD are offered a preferential enrollment period and early registration priority. Students claiming GATE status will be compared to the official SMUHSD list of GATE students. The comparison is conducted via Student ID number. Sorry, students from outside SMUHSD do not qualify for the preferential enrollment period. Sorry, students not on the list of GATE Students supplied to us by the SMUHSD will not be allowed to enroll during the preferential enrollment period.

Each class has a minimum number of attendees to make offering the class economically viable. If the minimum class size is not reached, we will cancel the class and give you a full refund.

Class Registration Policies

A limited number of scholarships are available for GATE Parents Group Classes.

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